Onsite March 2021

Alongside a summer opening for our Toll House restaurant https://fraserlivingstone.com/news/toll-house-site-progress

we have two more projects due for completion around the same time:

Athron Hill

Two miles above Kinross, up into the Ochill Hills, Marshall Construction are onsite with the first phase of our https://fraserlivingstone.com/work/athron-hill-housing-perthshire , the shells sitting nicely on their sites with their internal spaces opening up to the long views south. The marketing site is open https://www.athronhill.co.uk/ and with 200 enquiries and 90 notes of interest for these first 11 homes we are fairly confident that the balance of 24 will be commissioned soon!

IMG 1343
IMG 1358

Simon Court

The clt – cross-laminated-timber – structure of our https://fraserlivingstone.com/work/simon-court-tenement-edinburgh is complete, with the fitting out, and external masonry shell, starting onsite. The erection of the massive timber panels, from Egoin in the Basque Country, was a joy to behold, all bolting together snugly before the Christmas shutdown with specialist hangers and acoustic mats and fixings to assist with meeting Scotland’s high acoustic requirements.