Alongside Ronnie McRae of Community Housing Trust, Robin contributes to an episode of 'Regenerative Scotland with Ariane Burgess MSP'Ā discussing the challenges facing rural housing in Scotland.

''The conversation explores the challenges of rural and island housing shortages and the impact of drawing young people away from rural villages into larger towns like Inverness. While the expansion of existing large towns is often suggested as a solution, it's seen as part of the problem for many rural communities.

With ambitious plans to build new homes in rural Scotland, the focus turns to making these new buildings truly sustainable and affordable. Ronnie McRae, CEO of Communities Housing Trust, shares insights into their work assisting community groups in establishing new housing projects. With over 25 years of experience, the Communities Housing Trust aims to build sustainable rural communities across central and northern Scotland.

Robin Livingstone director of Fraser Livingston Architects, discusses the Dallas Dhu project, a new mixed-use community on the edge of a forest in Moray. He shares how their approach incorporates energy-efficient systems and locally sourced materials, responding to the setting and emphasising community involvement.''

Listen to the podcast here to learn more about how innovative approaches to building in rural settings can address the housing shortage while ensuring sustainability and affordability.

213 Site Aerial Sketch FINAL
Sketch of Dallas Dhu Masterplan
213 Affordable Homes View 05
New Dallas Dhu Entrance