Bridgend Community Farmhouse, designed by Malcolm Fraser Architects and supported by him through its delivery by Halliday Fraser Munro and ongoing, had a covid 2020 of massive community support, including 75,000 meals prepared and delivered, bicycle and mask workshops and general social support.

Its work was recognised by winning the Scottish Design Awards’ top award for National Regeneration, a commendation from the Scottish Civic Trust’s My Place Award and the Wood Award at the Edinburgh Architectural Association Awards, with the SURF Scottish Urban Regeneration Federation’s Community Led Regeneration award postponed to February 21. These awards sit alongside its 2019 commendation in the prestigious UK-wide MacEwan Award for Social Architecture.

We wish it well, as friends and supporters – and community shareholders – for its “social closening” to return and continue in 2021.

200806 Bridgend Farmhouse 001