Fredrik graduated from The Mackintosh School of Architecture in the summer of 2021. His thesis project made a case for the architect to take on an attitude of stewardship towards the built environment. Inspired by the creative process of the gardener, he argued for maintenance and care to be the leading principles in how we develop urban environments.

Fredrik was also a member of the editorial team for the 45th edition of MacMag, the annual student run magazine at the Mac, in which he took a leading role in the development of layout and design language.

During his studies, he spent a year working for Utopia Arkitekter in Stockholm, where he assisted in the designing of a series of housing projects and master plans across Sweden. He then moved on to work for Edinburgh based practice Izat Arundell, where he assisted on residential projects and conducted research into the connection between food preservation and vernacular architecture in Scotland.

FLA Simon Square Interior 09 reduced