This Saturday 4th March, Malcolm is featuring on the panel at investigative journalism cooperative The Ferret’s AGM, talking about “Who Owns Urban Scotland” 

Malcolm will talk about:

The new levers available to communities and Local Authorities and his involvement in their introduction:

  1. Community Asset Transfers
  2. Compulsory Sales Orders
  3. Plus the brakes on them, that need resolved.

Land Value Capture 

The big, missing but simply achieved lever and how it revolutionises the procurement of infrastructure and sites for social and housing provision. 


  1. The replacement of Council Tax with a proportional Property Tax
  2. The significance of the introduction of a Land Tax
  3. Why Government might be dragging their feet over these.

Vacant Property

  • A model for vacant shops
  • The vacant flats above brought into residential use – and the lease and VAT barriers that need reformed.