FLA are moving, in March, to 48 Warrender Park Road in Marchmont, just south of Edinburgh’s Meadows. 

Our new Studio will be in a shop recently occupied by the Meadows Lamp Gallery but retaining fancy tiling and some fittings from its time as one of the famous Scottish “Buttercup Dairy Co” chain. Refitting work is onsite, including minimal restoration of the open-plan lavvies; and the rebranding of FLA, as Buttercup Studios, with the compulsory wearing of smocks and sensible shoes being actively considered.

Buttercup Dairy 48 Warrender Park Road 1920s
Buttercup Dairy, 48 Warrender Park Road, 1920s.
The former Meadows Lamp Gallery
The former Meadows Lamp Gallery.
Buttercup tiling
Buttercup tiling.
Fitted toilet
Fitted toilet.